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Repairing after market audio equipment

Amplifier Maintenance Special

Maintenance Special only applies to amps that are currently in working condition.

Amp Medics will completely disassemble your amp and perform the following:

1) Look over all solder connections and resolder all bad and weak connections.

2) Clean and Lubricate cooling fan (if any), and check for proper RPM to optimize cooling.

3) Remove all Dust and Debris from inside of amp as well as on the electronics board and components.

4) Check all Voltages

5) Remove and Replace all heat sync compound to assure proper heat transfer for longer life.

6) Clean amp Exterior

7) Test and Return

 Small Amps (under 18" long)- $35

 Medium Amps (18"-24" long)- $50

 Large Amps (over 24" long)- $65