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Repairing after market audio equipment

This test is to measure the total parallel or individual ohmage of the speakers within the vehicle.  It is important that the total ohmage does not go below the capabilities of the Amplifier.  Each manufacturer and/ or model have minimum ohmage requirements.  Going below this minimum limit will result in premature failure of the Amplifier. 

To perform this test you will need an Ohmeter or a Digital Multimeter set on the Ohm scale.


1.)  Remove the speaker leads from the amplifier connector block.


2.)  If using a single channel monoblock amp to drive Multiple Speakers- Twist all positive speaker leads together and all negative speaker leads together.


3.)  Using an ohmeter or digital multimeter set on the ohm scale, place one test lead on the positive wires twisted together, and one test lead on the negative wires twisted together.  The reading you receive is the total parallel ohmage for the amp to drive.  The more speakers added the lower the ohmage.  Check with the amplifier manufacturer for lowest ohmage capability.


4.)  For multiple channel amps measure each speaker lead individually for total ohmage of each speaker.  Make sure if you are driving more than one speaker per channel, the total ohmage does not go below the individual channel ohmage rating.  If more than one speaker is being driven per channel on a multi-channel amp, repeat step 2 and 3 and treat each channel as if they were monoblock outputs.  Again, check with manufacturer specifications to make sure you don't go below the minimum rating.


5.)  Please include total ohmage of your speakers per channel, if applicable, on the repair order form.


Thank You!