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Repairing after market audio equipment

Amp Medics, Inc.


Email:  service@ampmedics.net


To minimize repeat damage, we need to know how your current system is set up. 

Please include a note with the following information when sending your amplifier:


Make and Model

Serial Number

Number of Channels

Speaker Resistance (in ohms)


Every repair is bench tested.

Our power supply is a steady 13.8 V supply without fluctuation.

If your system includes speakers that are not the correct resistance, a power supply that is inconsistent (wiring problems, alternator or battery problems), your amp will be damaged upon installation.


Payment is required when work is completed.  Amps held for 30 days will be sold at auction.

Send your amplifier with your contact information to:


12121 Little Road, #298

Hudson, FL   34667

In order to provide expedient, quality service, please include a note inside the box with the following information when sending your amplifier:


Your Name


Email address

Phone number